FRANCIS KALLIO BRAKO (CEO of Akwaaba Dance Camp)

  • Professional dancer – Choreographer – Entrepreneur.

  • Owner of Street ground dance academy.

  • International dance teacher – dancer and judge.

  • Winner of Juste Debout Scandinavia 2013

  • Winner baltic session 2012

  • semifinalist of Juste Debout world final 2013

  • Has worked with artist like Guru (GH), Hermanos Bernal (CH), Oceana (GER), Play back (ESP)and many more.

Francis Kallio Brako is responsible, driven and ambitious.
Since he was 19 years old, he has been running Jönköping’s largest dance school with everything they entail.
He has arranged intensive courses with international teachers and every semester he arranged a major dance performance. In addition to this, he also arranged and carried out a large number of cultural events and also been hired as a project manager on several occasions.
Francis is originally from Ghana but came to Sweden at the age of 10 years. Francis likes to meet new people from different cultures.
Francis has worked internationally for several years and travel around the whole Sweden and Europe to teach, speak and inspire children, young people who are passionate in dance. Much of this led to him receiving Jönköping County Council’s cultural scholarship in 2011 which of course was a wonderful confirmation of all the work he has put in.
Dancing has always been his main focus and therefor took up most of both work and leisure. Now, however, he has come to a point where he feels that he wants to explore new arenas and above all develop himself.

Mirka Simberg

  • Dancer – Danceteacher – Masseuse – Student of Social Services
  • Finnish Championship in Hiphop Formations 2018 and 2nd place 2015–2017 & 2019
  • Finnish Championship in Hiphop Small Groups 2016 and 2nd place 2017–20195th place in Hiphop World championships 2017

Mirka is aovement lover and a Finnish Azonto Ambassador. Mirka was born in Finland and moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2019, to further educate herself in dancing. After years of practicing different dance styles, forms of art, competing in hiphop and touching the world of crossfit, she found her true freedom in a ghanaian street dance style Azonto. Her love for azonto took her to Ghana in January 2022, and she lost a piece of her heart to the beautiful country and it’s culture and currently lives in Accra parttime. Mirka loves traveling, nature and all forms of creative arts and handcrafts.
She is passionate about teaching, sharing, learning and creating spaces for cultural exchange, where people can experiment and find their freedom & connection to self and others through dance. In Stockholm Mirka is teaching in different dancestudios and co-managing Yenko Project, which is a platform for African dance & culture.
Mirka attended the first Akwaaba Dance Camp in 2022, and in 2023 she became part of the organization.
At the moment Mirka is studying her bachelor’s degree in Social Science and wishes to combine it with the dance-world one day. .

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